Our philosophy is to support all the games our customers play to the best of our ability. We have board games, card games, miniatures and more!

We can boast one of the finest collections of cards in Minnesota, but that pales in comparison to our vibrant player base! A fantastic, welcoming community of Magic players, veterans and newer players alike! Come join in!

Supported Formats: Standard, Modern, Commander, Draft, Sealed, League

  • Thursday: Modern
  • Friday: Friday Night Magic - Standard, Draft
  • Saturday: Community Commander
  • Sunday: Community Commander

Though we love all miniature games equally, we are second to none in our selection of Warmachine and Hordes. We hold regular Journeyman Leagues for new players or veteran players trying out a new faction. We also hold story-driven single events, so come and help forge the fate of Immoren!

  • Saturday: Open Warmachine/Hordes and League matches

Our D&D and Pathfinder groups are growing and growing, in and outside of the Adventurer’s League and Pathfinder Society. Or come post on our Community Bulletin Board and find a group for your favorite RPG.

Join in on the 2.0 movement! Weekly open play and monthly tournaments!

  • Monday: 6:30PM Open Play

Push wood with the best (in the local area)!

  • ● Tuesday: 7PM Open Chess Blitz and standard play