Great people, great space, great services. all within a month of opening. The fledgling community is promising, the handcrafted furniture is excellent, and I'm excited to see how the store develops!

-Trevor Luden

Was in earlier tonight. The handmade tables and friendly atmosphere made the place very welcoming. My party and I came in looking for a possible place to play DnD and we were not disappointed. Lots of potential and I hope this business prospers!

-Aaron Verdeja

Craig is the owner and he is an absolute good guy. He has helped me find many cards of I'm looking for. You also get me just a bunch of basic lands so my commander back could be better looking. Great place to play and very welcome for the area!

-David O'Connor

I have a shop in the town I live in but this play is so great that I'm willing to make the half hour drive without a second thought

-Orren King

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