The Battleground Cafe first opened its doors in 2017 and had grown steadily ever since. Co-founded and managed by long-time friends Craig Harding and Michael Farmer, The Battleground Cafe is the culmination of a dream to embrace the gaming community in a welcoming and unique gaming space that offers amenities difficult to find elsewhere.

Harding and Farmer have gamed with each other for nearly 30 years. From adolescent role-playing adventures to real-time strategy LAN parties to convention antics, Harding and Farmer have played it all. This store is the culmination of a lifetime of serious play. Now, can they win the ultimate challenge of bringing great games to your neighborhood? That is their quest.


Craig Harding

Harding is a born power gamer. He likes beardy decks and big creatures. His favorite strategy is to play defensively until he builds up an unbeatable force. Then he begins his ‘shock and awe.’


Favorite Games: Magic the Gathering, Skyrim, Diablo II, Marvel Super Heroes

Mike Farmer

A consummate cooperative player, Farmer likes to win with undervalued weapons and pieces. His favorite chess opening is called the Orangutan.


Favorite Games: Company of Heroes II, Marvel Super Heroes, Chess